A wide variety of resources is available online, especially at YouTube. Here are some recommended videos:

The Real Deal

Animated Supreme Court Oral Argument This is audio of the the U.S. Supreme Court's oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act accompanied by video animation.

U.S. Supreme Court: Fisher vs. University of Texas This is audio from the U.S Supreme Court. Without cameras in the courtroom, someone has gone to extreme lengths for video. The arguments are more sedate than the first example above. It's lengthy (1 1/2 hours), but it conveys the flavor of appellate court, even if you just watch part of it.

Appellate Moot Court Examples

Key DifferencesOklahoma University Law School Moot Court Argument

Being Adversarial: A look at the moot court experience at [Boston University] Law


Moot Court Tips

2015 McGeorge 1L Moot Court Competition How-To Video

MOOT LIKE A MO FO! : 10 Law School Mooting Tips

Chief Justice Roberts on Oral Argument

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